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Dr Powell has over 35 yrs experience in medicine having served in the AF and worked with all three branches of service.  He has held executive jobs from director to CEO of multi-specialty clinic.  He has practiced in every setting from rural small clinic to Major Medical Center. He has practical expertise in Disaster medicine, have played in a major role in wartime conflict and natural disasters. His background in computers and medicine makes him uniquely suited to help physicians/providers build useful tools for the delivery and practice of better medicine. He worked as a medical inspector for the Air Force, responsible for insuring top quality care was delivered at AF Medical facilites.  He further did staff assistance for various medical facilities in the areas of health care delivery and continuous quality improvement.  He has expertise in Managed Care from network building to regional operations, to publicity and marketing. He was one of DoD’s leader in telemedicine with over 13 years experience in both store and forward and interactive telemedicine