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Finding Clarity in Complexity Advanced Analysis and Analytics Process Improvement

Welcome to EH Tools

a multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts. We are researchers and technical solutions experts helping to navigate the complex world of health care services, clinical trials and information technology/telemedicine. Our background includes work in biostatistics consulting, study design, business intelligence as well as health care delivery.

Business/Process Analysis

At EH Tools we can help you better understand and improve you business processes. As part of this we will also make recommendations on business lines such as Telemedicine to add to your practice. This also includes aiding in implementing the new processes, streamlining existing processes and expanding your offerings.

Statistical Expertise

Our statistical expertise allows us to support many needs. We have experience in clinical trial statistical analysis plan development, statistical analysis of studies and big data. We can support projects from designing disease registries to submissions to the FDA for clinical trials. The team can help define and implement reports for Business Intelligence needs as well as design reporting metrics to meet your needs or meet regulatory requirments.

Study Design

Are team of epidemiologists, statisticians, medical and psychology professional have extensive experience in designing and conducting studies. Let us help you with yours.

Scientific/Technical Writing

As part of our services we also provide technical and scientific writing support. The team has written reports and scientific papers for multiple clients in areas of best practices, literature searches, scientific studies, regulatory submissions and government inquiries.

Data de-identification

Our expertise in HIPAA standards, data and statistics allow us to provide expert data de-identification. We have provided this service to large and small organizations.

Data Collection and Delivery

Our many projects have given us an in depth knowledge of modern data collection and delivery systems. We have supported the implementation of databases, Business Intelligence, secondary data retrieval from electronic health records and reporting tools from clinical trial sights. We can help develop your data architecture, survey efforts and data storage needs using HIPAA compliant tools and process. Contact us today.

What past clients think!

  • Jim has a remarkable background and experience in Health Services Research, Epidemiology, and Economics. Very few analysts can work with large scale healthcare data sets and add context to the analysis. He is also a great contract partner.

    Albert Bonnema, MD MPH, Physician Informaticist | CMIO | CIO | Analytics Executive | Clinical Informaticist - Air Force Research Laboratory Medical University of South Carolina
  • James is highly respected for his technical and functional knowledge with MHS programs and policies. As a subject matter expert, he was instrumental with analyzing the multiple MHS tools for data analysis integration. He’s a system architect, epidemiologist, biostatistician all rolled up in one!